A One-of-a-Kind Partnership to Serve Families with the Greatest Need

Our work is carried out by a dedicated team of Access Catalysts. Our Catalysts have over 500 years of combined Montessori experience, and are committed to cultivating birth-to-six Montessori programs in underserved communities. Recognizing that success requires whole-system support, our team consists of Montessori teacher trainers, senior Montessori practitioners, and administrators at the birth-to-three and the three-to-six levels.

Preparation to serve as an Access Catalyst includes:

  • A review of the role and responsibilities of a mentor or coach.
  • Time for self-reflection and preparation for serving Montessori adults in a variety of settings and environments.
  • A review of fundamental principles of Montessori education and the examination of human development and the human tendencies.
  • Presentations, readings, and discussions to prepare the catalysts to work in communities who have previously lacked access to Montessori programming. The issues of cultural bias, children and families who may suffer from trauma, working with and among other social service providers, and children with special needs are explored and discussed.
  • Time to develop tools, resources, and connections that will prepare Catalysts to work within any community who invite and request the support of Access.

Learn more about our Catalysts here.

Access Montessori has developed a set of eight guiding principles and practices for Montessori Birth-to-Six programming. These principles serve as guidelines for our work in any community.