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April 2019

We were inspired by the amazing work happening in Latta, South Carolina, as described in Edutopias article A Public School Makes the Case for ‘Montessori for All'” demonstrating that Montessori can work for all children.

November 2017

In Montessori Preschool Elevates and Equalizes Child Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study (published in the Frontiers in Psychology), Angeline Lillard reports on her research in two public Montessori magnet schools in Hartford, CT. Following students (ages 3 – 6) for three years, Lillard’s research indicates that:

– Children in the Montessori program fared better on measures of academic achievement, social understanding, and mastery orientation, and they also reported relatively more liking of scholastic tasks.

– The Montessori preschool equalized outcomes among subgroups that typically have unequal outcomes. First, the difference in academic achievement between lower income Montessori and higher income conventionally schooled children was not (statistically speaking) significantly different at the end of the study. Second, defying the typical finding that executive function predicts academic achievement, in Montessori classrooms children with lower executive function scored as well on academic achievement as those with higher executive function.

Read the full study here and an Op-Ed written by Angeline Lillard in the Dallas Morning News here.