Over the past two years, Access Montessori has worked with programs in a number of diverse settings.

Highline Public Schools

In March 2017, Access Montessori helped to launch a Montessori primary program in Highline Public Schools. Our program is located in Wesley Homes Retirement Community. We have developed an intergenerational program, where the children in the Montessori classroom engage with and enjoy building relationships with the residents. After the first three months of the pilot program, a parent shared the following about her twins: “They both love it! They are much less shy, they love bringing home their counting and singing and are eager to help out at home.” Enrollment in the Montessori primary program reflects the demographics of the local elementary school, which serves a population that is 91% minority, with 78% of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch.

Watch a video about how the connection is unfolding between our youngest learners and Wesley Home residents.

Annette Island School District

In September 2015, representatives from Access Montessori were invited to support the implementation of a Montessori program in Annette Island School District, Metlakatla, AK. The district had received an Indian Education grant to introduce Montessori into the preschool and elementary program. The grant also included the inclusion of the native Tsmshian language and culture in the program. Access Montessori held an Introductory Montessori Course for the entire elementary staff in August 2015 — “Building a Montessori Learning Community.” Access catalysts provided on-going support and coaching for the Montessori staff through June 2017. During the 2016–17 academic year we provided field supervision for a new teacher who was completing her training. Her Montessori trainer reported: “Thank you for the excellent support you provided Courtney during this year. She benefitted from your practical and theoretical knowledge of Montessori education as well as your insightful guidance. I know that for the rest of her career you will be a guiding voice for her as she remembers your counsel.

Bozeman Montessori

Access Montessori partnered with Bozeman Montessori School in Bozeman, Montana to offer an introductory Montessori course to the staff and parents of Bozeman Montessori as well as teachers and staff from other Montessori programs in Montana. This course focused on the first stage of development (birth-to-six) in order to meet the needs of the schools’ nido, young child’s and primary communities. In addition to the Introductory Course, Access Catalysts provided on-going coaching and implementation support for Bozeman Montessori as well as presentations for parents and families in the program.

Stonebrook Montessori

Access Catalysts have observed and offered staff support at Stonebrook Montessori in Cleveland, OH. We continue to support their development of the parent-infant program in this newly established Montessori Charter School.